I found the perfect dentist New Orleans when my tooth started hurting. I am a  transplant from New Jersey, and was not familiar with the area. But fortunately, I found a  dentist who is an expert in his field. After a consultation and x-ray, I was informed that I required a root canal. It seems that my tooth showed signs of infection and decay. My options included having the tooth extracted or having a procedure called a root canal to save the tooth.

My New Orleans dentist was very patient explaining the entire procedure which relieved my anxiety.  He  administered a local anesthetic (a shot)  that numbed the tooth and surrounding areas. Since I have a phobia to shots, my dentist relieved my anxiety by administering nitrous oxide which is a gas inhaled. It was so pleasant that I almost fell asleep. He then removed the decay and the infected nerve and filled the channel with a rubbery cement. The cavity in the upper part of the tooth was then filled. 

The entire experience took longer than I expected. However, the procedure was not as bad as I thought it would be. My dentist prescribed pain medication which I really did not need.  I found this area of my mouth to be somewhat sensitive for several days and I used Tylenol and was fine. After the procedure was completed, I was quite happy with my decision to have a root canal. If I had chosen an tooth extraction, I would need an implant which is more costly. If you require any type of dental care, do not hesitate to contact a dentist in New Orleans for quality care.